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The Vygon Company strategy is clear, offer health professionals efficient and innovative single-use medical products adapted to their needs. With a high degree of quality and at a competitive price, we offer health-care professionals the best  possible chances to treat and care for their patients in the most secured conditions.

Innovation requires an understanding:  our teams of marketing, R&D and sales representatives are working daily with our customers, listening to their needs, bringing creative and imaginative solutions to patient care. This high quality and responsive service compliments the proximity of production and research. That is why our plants are still located in Europe and in the United States of America. It’s our key to ensure constant  high quality  products.

This policy and strategy, requires long term commitment and a real involvement of all Vygon partners and managers. Stability and commitment of our shareholders enable us to invest in the long term, opting for quality and innovation instead of short term profitability, giving our teams and clients the warranty of a long term vision that everybody needs.

This willingness to act in the long term, some talk about Sustainable Development Strategy (SDS), allows Vygon to implement its leading vision of progress, integrating all stakeholders, in  social, economic and environmental outcomes.

This strategy has proven to be effective. Since fifty years now, Vygon attracts more and more partners around the world. We are now present in more than one hundred countries in five continents. Our regular growth and  profitability, warranty of our independence and our ability to innovate, testifies the quality of our products and our customer satisfaction.

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