Dr. Berghmans Johan

Dr. Berghmans Johan
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Antwerp, Belgium


Johan Berghmans is a member of staff at the department of Anesthesiology of the ZNA Middelheim & Queen Paola’s Children’s Hospital in Antwerp (Belgium) since 2001. He became board certified in Anesthesiology in 2000 and further specializes in pediatric anesthesiology at the Erasmus University Medical Center - Sophia Children’s Hospital in Rotterdam (The Netherlands), where he is currently finalizing his PhD research in the field of perioperative behavior of children. Johan Berghmans is also the acting chairman of the Belgian Association for Paediatric Anaesthesiology (BAPA) since 2014 and board member of the Belgian Pediatric Pain Association (BePPa) since 2016, associations that promote the perioperative care of children and regarding all aspects of pain.

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