Presentations IFAD 2017: 1st BEACH Course

This year we will also organise the 1st BEACH course or the 1st BElgian Annual eCmo Hands-on course, an ECLS and ECMO course with Hands-on sessions on how to cannulate and how to set, interpret and react on alarms.

MODULE 1: Introduction

Chair: Dirk Donker, Enno Wildschut

0900-0920 Indications and contra-indications Dirk Donker
0920-0940 ECMO principles Dirk Donker
0940-1000 Introduction to cannulation Dirk Donker
1000-1050 Handson (4 skill stations) All faculty
  Chair: Fabio Taccone, Dirk Donker
1110-1125 Different modes VA VV VAV Fabio Taccone
1125-1140 How to deal with antibiotics, fluids and sedation  Fabio Taccone
1140-1155 Anticoagulation Filip De Somer
1155-1300 Handson (4 skill stations) All faculty

MODULE 2: Monitoring

Chair: Rita Jacobs, Enno Wildschut

1400-1420 ECCO2R Rita Jacobs
1420-1440 Ventilator settings Rita Jacobs
1440-1500 Weaning from ECMO Rita Jacobs
1500-1550 Handson (4 skill stations) All faculty
  Chair: Fabio Taccone, Rita Jacobs
1610-1625 Monitoring Filip De Somer
1625-1640 Alarm settings Filip De Somer
1640-1655 Nursing issues Miranda Van Bommel
1655-1800 Handson (4 skill stations) All faculty

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