B. Braun

B. Braun

B. Braun supports the International Fluid Academy first of all because of their mutual interest in fluid management. Therefore you can find us at our booth during the 10th International Fluid Academy Days November 2020 in Brussels. Our B. Braun colleagues are more than willing to share expertise about the recent developments in fluid management!

Who is B. Braun?  B. Braun is one of the world's leading providers of healthcare products today. We supply the global healthcare market with products and systems for anesthesia, intensive care, cardiology, extracorporeal blood treatment and surgery. We also provide services for clinics, physicians in private practices and the home care sector.




Maltron is a leading manufacturer of Bio-electrical and Electrical Impedance Tomography used in the assessments of Body and Abdominal Composition, Malnutrition, Fluid Monitoring and for monitoring lung diseases bedside by leading hospitals and institute worldwide. The company focus is on the research, development, manufacture and marketing of innovative products. Maltron products are well known for quality, reliability and consistent reproducibility providing reliable assessment of Body Composition and hydration in a simple, safe and scientific manner.

Serenno Medical

Serenno Medical

New predictive window to Kidney Health

The Serenno system is a pioneering Urine Output (UO) Monitor for hospitalized patients improving Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) prediction and fluid management.

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