Invited top speakers

  • Djilalli Annane
  • Karim Brohi
  • Pietro Caironi
  • Jan De Waele
  • Robert Hahn
  • Can Ince
  • Luciano Gattinoni
  • Daniel Lichtenstein
  • Dileep Lobo
  • Manu Malbrain
  • Paul Marik
  • Xavier Monnet
  • Monty Mythen
  • Azriel Perel
  • Jan Poelaert
  • Mervyn Singer
  • Niels Van Regenmortel
  • Jean-Louis Vincent

Systemic adverse effects of 1 to 2 days' duration such as malaise, fever, and chills often reflect hypersensitivity reactions visit this site right here Eltrombopag did not affect male fertility in rats at doses up to 40 mg/kg/day, .

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